Custom Pool Systems “CPS” offers high performance Aquatic products utilizing cutting edge technology.  CPS designs, manufacture, installs and provides maintenance for our products “AquaticFloors” and “Aquatic Covers” worldwide.

Imagine a space that converts seamlessly with the press of a button – a swimming pool that can be transformed into an entertaining area or dance floor with our AquaticFloor.

Custom Pool Systems can create and install your AquaticFloor in practically any size either inside or outside providing you with the benefit of adapting to your needs such as creating a shallow depth pool for your children to play around in, lounging with your friends, then converting it into a deep pool for that lap or two you have in mind.

Specifically designed for each project, AquaticFloors is the intelligent solution for your luxury space. CPS works in partnership with your pool builder and architect from the beginning till the end, to create and exceed each of your unique and individual desires.


The ultimate safety barrier!

Control water depth and enhance safety for your children or guests. When AquaticFloors is raised to floor or patio position, you can decide when the pool is accessible. 60lb / sqtf load capacity.


When raised, your AquaticFloors movable floor limits swimming pool heat loss and water loss through evaporation. Whether you heat or cool your pool, a movable floor reduces the heat exchange with the outside, that adds up to extra savings for you.


In minutes, AquaticFloors lets you fully use your backyard for entertaining your guests when the pool is not needed. Claim back precious space. Use the swimming pool for anything else you want!


With AquaticFloors, you adjust your pool to the desired depth, turning your pool into a multipurpose space that changes with the occasion or your needs with a simple touch. Diving, Polo, Aerobics, Children’s or Toddler’s splash Pool, Reflecting Pool.