Aquatic Floors is a movable pool floor system that provides clients with the ultimate pool use and space recovery solution. Our movable floors can be used in both indoor and outdoor pools and provides you with the flexibility of adapting the pool floor depth to meet your needs with the touch of a button. Create a shallow splash pool depth for toddlers to play, move the floor lower to waist level to play a game of water volleyball, or all the way down to allow for diving and swim laps. When you are ready to host that large event, bring the floor all the way up to recover the entire space. In minutes, your pool vanishes allowing you to utilize the space for other purposes. The possibilities are endless.


Control water depth and enhance safety for your children or guests. By raising the Aquatic Floor to patio position, you decide when your pool is accessible and further control your desired water level.

Energy Efficiency

When completely raised, Aquatic Floors provides a barrier which reduces heat and evaporation water loss. Whether you heat or cool your pool, a movable floor helps limit heat exchange with the outside elements that translates to extra energy savings for you.

Space Saving

Within minutes, Aquatic Floors allows you to completely recover the space otherwise occupied by your pool. A movable floor provides you with the ultimate solution to recover valuable property space that can instead be used to entertain guests or anything else you want!

Maximizing Pool Use

With Aquatic Floors, you adjust your pool to the desired depth, turning your pool into a multipurpose space that changes with the occasion or your needs with a simple touch. Diving, Polo, Aerobics, Children’s or Toddler’s splash Pool, Reflecting Pool.

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