Custom Pool Systems has an experienced team of leading construction experts who collaborate with top designers, engineers, and drafters to successfully build the largest and most intricate pools and water features in South Florida.

Successfully overseen over $40 million dollars in pool and water feature projects including over 500 pool, spa, and water feature builds for the most elite clients.

A cutting edge pool construction company that continually strives to exceed its clients’ needs in all aspects of pool and water feature building.

CPS and our team strongly believe that honesty, customer service, relationships, and quality work is at the forefront of maintaining a strong and loyal clientele.

Design & Engineering

Whether its residential or commercial, CPS works with our team of world class, designers, architects, landscape architects and pool engineers everyday to not only can we design and engineer your project under CPS but we can build your project.

As a design build team, CPS can design, engineer and build your dream project without any finger pointing.

Consulting and Project Management

CPS is a full-featured consulting firm that can consult any pool or water feature project. We are experts in consulting on upcoming projects and preliminary reviewing projects from intricate hydraulics to complicated designs. CPS can review all aspects of a project, from start to finish.

CPS will also oversee and manage any water feature project, from residential to commercial, to ensure the project is on time and being done properly.


A problem we often see in our industry is that many projects are designed with an out-of-budget design intent. At CPS we have the advantage, as builders, that we can help design projects with a budget in mind or let our clients know what the cost of a project is going to be ahead of time. We work with architect designers and engineers around the globe who use us for our consulting and budgeting services.

Pool Products

Setting us apart from other pool construction companies is the fact that we don’t just offer our clients pool features but also innovative and unique pool solutions like Aquatic Floors and Aquatic Covers

Project Management

We oversee your entire project and provide our distinct white-glove construction service from beginning to end.

Many high-end residential pool projects involve complicated designs and multiple specialists. Our team knows how critical good communication and collaboration is across expertise to the ultimate success of a project. We have formed and continue to build enduring relationships with top pool architects, designers, and engineers to make sure every clients’ vision becomes a reality.

Pool Features & Equipment

Choose from the latest pool features which will enhance your enjoyment and beauty of your pool and outdoor environment. We also offer the latest in pool equipment technology. Our pools are always a step ahead of the competition.


Ready to modernize your pool? We can help remodel your pool and make your dream pool a reality.

Elite Clientele

Our team has decades of combined experience in servicing high end, residential clients. We understand their needs and expectations and always deliver. We also know that such clients may have privacy and unique concerns that we are accustomed to managing.